This episode of The Kriya Yoga Podcast is an excerpt from the 2021 Kriya Yoga Solstice Online Retreat.  David McGrath is our presenter.

Yoga  is the science of consciousness. It is a philosophy, a psychology and a practice. Yoga offers a systematic means to understanding the  fundamental nature of reality and our relationship to it. Within this discussion, participants will have the chance to appreciate yoga as a  complete system, which when followed, empowers practitioners to live  integrated, harmonious, fulfilling lives.

Discussion includes:

What is Kriya Yoga and how did it develop in our consciousness over time?

What are the different routes to experiencing Yoga, Samadhi or Oneness consciousness?

How does Sankhya Philosophy relate to Yoga Practice as we know it?

What is the Value of Omkar Kriya?

What are the vital pranas, and how do they relate to Kriya Practice?

How does Kriya Pranayama work?

What are vrittis or mind stuff?
What does Kriya Yoga actually do?
What is chitta (the field of consciousness)?
How does the mind function when we meditate and practice Yoga?
What are the struggles that come up during meditation?
What is the importance of discrimination?
How does surrender result in peace of mind?
How is surrender a part of the practice of Yoga?

David  McGrath is a Kriya Yoga Meditation Coach, living in Ireland. He has  spent a considerable amount of time at Centre for Spiritual Awareness,  where he received instruction and initiation from Roy Eugene Davis.  During this time, Mr Davis ordained and authorised David to teach Kriya  Yoga.







Your host, Ryan Kurczak, is a Kriya Yoga meditation teacher and author. He was authorized to teach Kriya Yoga in 2005, by Roy Eugene Davis, a direct student of Paramahansa Yogananda.

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